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Lilith & Lulu

It is a 60-minute long musical narrative that guides the listener through a dark and mystifying journey. It is there, in this darkness, that the listener meets with the beautiful song and scary sounds of the two night creatures: Lilith & Lulu

“Lilith was Adam’s first wife. She was expelled from the Garden of Eden because she refused to submit to her husband. Lilith was then replaced by Eve and returned as the snake, one of her many transformations. Lulu , created by the playwright Frank Wedekind, was a woman born in a broken and patriarchal society. She was taken advantage of because of her raw femininity, forced even to prostitution, while she remained faithful to her nature and desires. Lulu is portrayed so ambiguously by Wedekind and later by Alban Berg that she can be interpreted either as an innocent victim or a femme fatale. Lilith and Lulu share the same blood. It is a shift in humanity’s perspective: the supernatural Lilith seen as a demon of desolate places returns as the human Lulu, formed and corroded by modern civilization, bound for self-destruction. They are two sides of the same coin” (from the booklet)

The booklet includes also interviews with William Bolcom, Nadir Vassena and Sam David Wamper.

Label: 7 Mountain Records

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